After We…

Dark ambience, bouncing behinds, scents of the finest alcohol and well-made cigars; it wasn’t just a regular Friday night. At least a night at Rumors, one of Lagos mainland’s finest clubs could not go down as a normal clubbing night.

A few shots of tequila and I knew I could not go on much more, wasted was an understatement, but those bouncing temptations that had kept me rock hard made me stay longer. Then the story began, every experience after then was directed by the devil himself.

As Leke told me so I wrote, he was my companion at the club that night. Tania a cute campus girl who had the most shapely thighs heaven could create. I was a hell of player and she knew but she just stayed attracted, the bad boy fanny magnet charm I guess.

She could do the go-go dance like a pro, I never knew that at least that was what Leke told me, she grinded me to a moan, seems embarrassing to a guy like me. But as I said earlier the director was evil, so was the play.

This wouldn’t have been bizarre if I did not tell you Tania gave me a job in the club, well I just did. What trips my dirty mind is Tania was never that kind of girl but she wanted acceptance, she wanted validation, she wanted love. Now don’t you dare insult her, because I was quite conscious when I ate the forbidden and she was one babe to go down with.

That is not the point though, she caught emotions and as expected the devil never directs happy ending movies; she was just a fling to me. As harsh as that sounds that was and still is the truth. She never realized that she would have turned out better if she had not made me her validation point.

Last month I heard she just got out of a psychiatric home, not that I care because I never did. But why chase dreams that can never break through the surreal realm into reality? Not only in relationships, but in other life situations.



  1. Dis isn’t a real story,ryt?


  2. please,i hope dz story has a continuation.what happend afta tania caught feelings?did u gyz l8r get 2geda?


  3. Feranmi Ajetomobi · · Reply

    It isn’t a real story, just a lesson on being careful about emotional commitments and learning to appreciate the right people.


    1. feranmi,build d story jor! Im interested.or kn i dub dis intro n build d rest on my


      1. yeah you can 🙂


  4. Very kul, feranmi,


    1. Thanks…though it seemed quite evil


  5. Thank you for your amazing site & prgrmaome, I cant wait for my son to get his bear he goes for hiss 4th surgery today a peg, he has had 3 heart surgeries he is only a toddler. he is amazing


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