The streets today are littered with young wannabe leaders, entrepreneurs and men of influence; not that they lack the passion, although some do, some even know how to do what they want to do. So we ask ourselves what is the real problem? The real problem is that they are poor artists, they have dreams but they don’t know how to sell them. It is one thing for you have a dream and it is another for you to be able to sell your dream. Can you sell your dream?

Majority of leaders today and in the past, overcame three major milestones which are quite obvious but ignored. These milestones even separated one of the world’s greatest leaders; Jesus. I never took note of this lesson until I listened to lecture by Mr. Kola Oyeneyin, CEO at Vernia.

Leaders have to answer three questions:

i.)                  What do you want to do?

ii.)                 How do you want to do it?

iii.)               Why do you want to do it?

A leader obviously has to know what he wants to do, he might not know fully how he is going to do it, although that is quite important. Leaders most importantly need to tell people why they are doing what they do or what they want to do.

Your why is your selling point, your why is what would get you your followers, your why is what would make people want to die for you. Your why is what builds your passion, that it is what drives you. Adolf Hitler, though hated by many was loved dearly by most of his country because he had a WHY. He wanted to make Germany the greatest country in the world and the people loved it, so they supported him.

Anytime you speak to people about your dreams, they don’t want to know your name or some other regular information, because that is quite boring. Even after they know your WHAT and WHY, they want to know how your dreams affect their lives, just like the Germans. The failure on the part of young leaders and entrepreneurs today, is the inability to sell their dreams to people. The WHY is what gets people to believe in you and follow you.

According to Kola Oyeneyin; until you get to a point you can sell something to people, you ain’t ready for leadership. Furthermore let me explain to you that the first point of the leadership is marketing, marketing is what gets you your first follower/followers.

The larger part of the people who would follow you, won’t really care about what you are doing nor how you are doing it at the beginning but why and how does it affect their lives. One dream painter, Steve Jobs was a dropout, with no deep background knowledge in technology, but he had a dream to take computing to a level that never existed, so he started Apple with a dream he sold to his employees and investors. As at 2012 Apple Inc. was the most valuable company in the world.

Young entrepreneurs today complain about lack of capital investors, you know why? A lot of them cannot sell their dreams and make people see these dreams the way they see them personally. Not that your WHY would attract everyone, but if it strong and inspiring it would attract some people. BE A DREAM PAINTER.



  1. I don’t wanna comment. I’m so guilty


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! We are cotlatnnsy looking for expansion and fans to help us improve on what you guys want from us so we will definitely work on it all for all of you! Thanks again for the support!


  2. haha!…you just did. Very insightful!…’your why is your selling point’


  3. the truth


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