The 13th Amendment

Here is where our story as Christians started, when Elyon in His infinite wisdom decided to build a nation called Israel, He ordered that Moses make twelve tribes out of the house of Jacob (whose name was changed to Israel). These twelve tribes had inheritances, as the land was to be shared amongst these twelve tribes. A perfect plan right?

After the sharing and distribution, God called out a particular set of people called the Levites and created another tribe. Prior to this as we all know, there were twelve tribes already. In the reality of law when something such as this happens, an amendment is made to create provisions for a new development in the law/constitution. If we were to name this amendment we would call it THE 13th AMENDMENT.

These special set were made to serve God with no land inheritance whatsoever, they were to live around the terbanacle. It sounded pleasurable when God called them, but no inheritance? That sounded scary and stupid.

Maybe you don’t understand so let me break it down. Imagine in Nigeria, everyone had an entitlement to $1 million every year, so at the end of the year they got what I would like to call the Goodluck Alert. Everybody except we the Christians because God said we couldn’t share in the inheritance. At that point people would really consider switching beliefs right? Now that’s how it was for the Levites. There were a lot of things they couldn’t do.

We as Christians today are under the 13th amendment, so when others are doing their corrupt deals we can’t be part of that. Yes we have freewill, but that freewill as Christians is guided under the pre-destination God has for us, that our choices are limited within God’s plans.

Moving on so you don’t get scared, Elyon said unto Moses in Numbers 18:20:

And the LORD spoke to Aaron,

You shall have no inheritance in their land,

neither shall you have any part among them;

I am the your part and your inheritance among

the children of Israel.

Now you read that verse again, without a spiritual understanding, you might not understand what it means when God says He is your possession. If you read on you would realize that the Levites never lacked anything! The Israelis paid 10% of their incomes to them; food, clothes and every other necessity never lacked in their lives.

For the above reason I get bothered when Christians worry about physical stuff and end up sinning just to get them, starting from admissions into institutions up to paying and receiving bribery. It was clearly stated under the 13th amendment; “THE LORD IS OUR INHERITANCE”. If the LORD be for you, the one who owns all you quest for, what can you ever lack? For he makes all perfect in his own timing.



  1. The Lord is my part and i shall lack nothing!…


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