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Beating Rey

In all off Graffito’s life as he had always told me, he had never met a better cook than me. Not to boast, I think I am a pretty good cook myself so why deny such praise from such a wonderful friend. Graffito and I had been best friends long before we came to the […]


At the moment I am in what I would like to call a tight corner, two parts of my life are clashing. My school life and my educational life, my school life is my degree chasing life and my educational life is business where I actually learn applicable knowledge towards self and societal development. There […]

Whether you thi…

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right Wonderful quote by  Henry Ford, success is always based on the belief, you think it’s possible or you think it’s not; either way you’re right. Related articles “Driven by you” – Confidence by Henry Ford (

The Michelangelo Strategy

” Look at what the best of the best are doing … and then go beyond them. Think bigger. Don’t compete. Create. Innovate.” – Daniel Burrus [This article was inspired by my unfruitful search for a food photographer in Nigeria] Over time I have been focusing on creative entrepreneurship and the tactics involved in developing oneself […]


 In my young life as an entrepreneur, I have noticed that what most entrepreneurs desire is explosive success. The have the creativity and machinery to drive the mechanism to achieve such success, but they still lack something. The mechanism of explosive success is driven by three wheels; creativity, right machinery and risk-taking. Great trend makers/changers in […]