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Much Ado About The Oral

Twitter was agog once more a few days back with a heated up religious argument on the classification of oral sex as a sin. It was interesting to review so many interesting contributions to the debated topic, one I can say was started up by a tweet from @SarahOmakwu, the senior pastor, Family Worship Centre. […]

Who Is The Head?

I was recently surfing the internet when I stumbled upon a question focused on the role of a man in the family as posited by God. Q: Does the Bible say that the husband is to be the head of the home? A: On this often-debated subject, Mr. Graham has said: “In Ephesians 5:23 it […]

No End

As I tap through my keypad to type you a poem All I feel is an atmoshpere so solemn I search for words to clothe you A plethora builds but LOVE is the only thread that perfectly sews. I try again to imagine what you are As the thoughts build up all I do is […]

Another Lie

“For Nigeria to be better, a Christian must be the President. Why? Because we are the light of the world.” Am I the only one, who thinks that statement, is a mix of a lie and a miscontrued biblical verse? I am really baffled at how this message gets preached at churches. But who am […]

Allah Is Not Allah

Yorubas call God; Eledumare, Oluwa, etc. Ibos call God; Chineke. My Ibo vocabulary is a dessert, so that’s all I know. Let’s travel a little bit; Arabs call God;……..silence. Let sentiment walk in: Allah is not God. What is Allah then? Researches start, proofs sprout up and we have a conclusion: Allah is not God. […]