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“I Will Marry When I Want”- Woman Crush Wednesday

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Allah Is Not Allah

Yorubas call God; Eledumare, Oluwa, etc. Ibos call God; Chineke. My Ibo vocabulary is a dessert, so that’s all I know. Let’s travel a little bit; Arabs call God;……..silence. Let sentiment walk in: Allah is not God. What is Allah then? Researches start, proofs sprout up and we have a conclusion: Allah is not God. […]

We Are The Head

Ever heard when some say; you are the head not the tail. You were made to rule over them. Who is “them”? “Them” was not made by God? With that terrible mentality, some walk out and make themselves lord over others. And of course expect those who submit to them become like them. Don’t be […]

Flavours of 2014

The Baker: Chaos wasn’t the word, neither was turbulent the right description, indescribable would be the best way to put how it looked like. Time was running out; others had gotten their cakes to their customers. And the mixing hadn’t even started over here. How to mix wasn’t the problem, how to bake the mixture […]

2014: A Bang-A Crash and Grace

It started with a bang! The account was loaded, I was the new kid on the block- I even got the nickname; youngest millioniare- literally, I was worth a million to them (my friends). Why wouldn’t they think so? I had a fast food business doing well, with a nice cash-flow. Talk about the beaches […]